About Us

We provide delicious, healthy meals delivered to your home or office in the Dubai. Our assortment of meals, plans, and delivery options are suitable for all lifestyles, goals, and time constraints.


Who are we?


Life on earth is changing. Through mass production of long life snacks, synthetic ingredients and false foods have become commonplace. We are spearheading the a movement towards a more wholesome and meal designation and delivery. By using natural processes, we use organic, non-GMO ingredients combined with well animal proteins as the foundation of all our meals.


Why do we do it?


Eating food is a need, but also a habit. It can be hard to break the habit of a lifetime by giving up easy food to shop, cook and clean up instead. A lot of people have the intention to eat better and live better. Yet, more than 90% of new diets fail. Why? Because life is busy. It’s tough to maintain new habits. But reality is; people don’t always fail their diets; the diet also fails them. This is why Daily Meal is so revolutionary. We create recipes, meal plans, cook and deliver them to ensure your diet stays on track. It’s our mission to see a healthier, happier and more fulfilled family.